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Whether you have one pressing question to answer or many, we can help.

We adapt tools familiar in the business world to support projects and organizations where mission alignment is a must. Our customized engagements help get you the data you need to make informed decisions. Our methods engage your team from the start, ensuring that the solutions we develop are well aligned with the goals, ethos, and concerns of your organization.


Sustainability Strategy

We work with you to create a business model that is well aligned with your mission-based work. This holistic plan assesses where you are and how you plan to grow based on insights gained through audience and landscape assessments, full-cost budget development, and creation of a financial model documenting all sources of support.

New Product Development  

Early-stage support to define and scope new products, services or grant-funded projects. We help you test the waters by assessing the competitive landscape, customer demand, market size, and return on investment. For projects at concept stage, we help refine the product definition and support grant writing and proposal development. 

Meeting Planning & Facilitation

​Support for planning complex, goal-focused meetings. We help with everything from refining your meeting aims, to planning strategic communications, to custom designing an agenda and activities that are built to deliver results. Online or in-person facilitation is also an option.

Program Evaluation

We can help in the earliest stages of your project, including program definition, creating a program theory and logic model, defining key indicators and designing a suite of evaluation tools that permit both formative and summative assessments. Using a range of data methods, we gather the information you need to guide your team in developing a clear assessment of where you are today. 

Customized Research Services

​When you have a research question in mind but need some extra capacity to explore it, BlueSky to BluePrint can help you design and implement studies, analyze the results, and develop written reports and presentations of findings.

Training and Workshops

​Customized in-person or online workshops can help inspire your team to think more strategically about creative solutions for growing and supporting your project or service. Based on experience working with hundreds of innovators, our trainings cover topics including Value Proposition; Understanding Audience; Competitors or Partners; Budgeting Beyond the Grant; and Finding Your Funding Model.  

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