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The Digital Humanities are Alive and Well and Blooming

The democratization of digital creation signals an exciting time, but can pose institution-wide challenges as well (2015)

Sustaining the Digital Humanities

Host Institution Support beyond the Start-Up Phase (2014)

Appraising our Digital Investment

Sustainability of Digitized Special Collections in ARL Libraries (2013)

Searching for Sustainability

Strategies from Eight Digitized Special Collections (2013)

Sustaining Our Digital Future

Institutional Strategies for Digital Content (2013)

Revenue, Recession, Reliance

Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability (2011)

Sustaining Digital Resources

An On-the-Ground View of Projects Today (2009)

Current Models of Digital Scholarly Communication

Results of an Investigation Conducted by Ithaka for the Association of Research Libraries (2008)

The Sustainability Implementation Toolkit

Developing an Institutional Strategy for Supporting Digital Humanities Resources

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A range of in-depth studies that richly document the diversity of humanities-based projects and offer guidance on best practice for those seeking to build and lead sustainable initiatives.

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