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The Cost to Publish TOME Monographs

A Preliminary Report (2022)

A study of the actual costs incurred by presses participating in the TOME project.

The Costs of Publishing Monographs

Toward a Transparent Methodology (2016)

This study identifies all of the cost components and calculates their costs in a bottom-up fashion.

A Guide to the Best Revenue Models

Funding Sources for Your Digital Resources (2014)

A guide to support those who are actively managing digital projects and are seeking to develop sustainable funding models. 

Revenue, Recession, Reliance

Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability (2011)

A comparative analysis of twelve case studies and their sustainability models and strategies.


Sustaining Digital Resources

An On-the-Ground View of Projects Today (2009)

A look at how the leaders of digital initiatives are managing their businesses. 

Sustainability and Revenue Models for Online Academic Resources

An Ithaka Report (2008)

A systematic understanding of projects whose primary aim is to make content and scholarly discourse available on the web for research, collaboration, and teaching. 

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Reports and studies on the financial models that support scholarly publishing and digital initiatives

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